Wastop installation in Svenljunga, Sweden

Municipality of Svenljunga
Svenljunga, Sweden
Area of use 
Flood protection
Pests & odors

Svenljunda uses 100% groundwater for their potable water source and produces water to 7500 people/day. The groundwater areas are protected in terms of the usage of the land in the areas, as well as the usage of chemicals. This type of protection of potable water is good, but it’s not complete protection. Each of their 19 water reservoirs have an emergency overflow from the reservoir to either a ditch, stream or to a stormwater system. There was a risk for backflow from the recipient, and a risk that animals and insects could make their way up the overflow pipe and into the reservoir. If this occurred the potable water could be infected with bacteria and cause illness amongst the recipients.  Rats are another risk in some areas, in particular where there was a chamber at the outlet of the overflow from low reservoirs. 


Installing WaStop at the outlet of each of their emergency overflows on each reservoir ensures that insect, animals and odours could not enter into the potable water reservoir, and this therefore protected the water supply for the City.

Wapro-installing-WaStop-water-reservoir -protect-groundwater-from-pests-bacteria

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