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Wastop protecting the beach in Blonville sur

Blonville sur, France| Flood protection

The problem

In Blonville sur, our client was confronted with significant tidal fluctuations and coastal challenges at the beach. The area's rectangular outlets were particularly vulnerable to sand and debris accumulation during rising tides, posing a serious risk of flooding and compromising coastal environment protection.


Understanding the urgency and complexity of these environmental management issues in coastal areas, we introduced our innovative WaStop technology. Renowned for its robust design for harsh environments, WaStop was the ideal choice for this scenario.


Our WaStop technology is specifically engineered to address and mitigate the problems caused by tidal fluctuations. It stands out as an efficient flood defense solution, effectively preventing backflow and flooding. This ensures the safety and integrity of the coastal area, safeguarding it against the unpredictable nature of tides.


We're proud to have provided our client with this low-maintenance flood protection solution. The successful implementation of WaStop in Blonville sur is a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored flood protection strategies. We are grateful for our client's trust in our expertise and our ability to handle such crucial tidal and environmental challenges.


WaStop® Inline Check valve

To specifically tackle the unique challenges at the beach in Blonville sur, we strategically installed two WaStop valves, sizes DN600 and DN800. These  are perfectly sized for the rectangular outlets, ensuring an optimal fit and effective backflow prevention.

This bespoke solution, as highlighted in the accompanying images, underscores our dedication to custom-tailored flood protection solutions. The WaStop valves, serving as nonreturn valves, are particularly suited for coastal environments. They are ingeniously designed to counteract backflow caused by tidal fluctuations, a critical aspect of backflow prevention in such settings.

A standout feature of the WaStop inline check valve is its pulsating flow mechanism. This innovative design effectively prevents sand and debris accumulation in the outlets, addressing a major concern for our client. Moreover, the robust design of the WaStop valve offers high resistance to harsh external elements like waves and gravel, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency in backflow prevention.

An additional benefit of the WaStop nonreturn valve is its minimal moving parts. This design aspect translates into immediate operational advantages for the customer, including the significant benefit of being virtually maintenance-free. This feature enhances the overall appeal of the WaStop valve as a practical and efficient solution in coastal flood defense.

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