WaStop protects Karlstad

City of Karlstad
Gubbholmen, Karlstad Sweden
Area of use 
Pests & odors

Karlstad is built on the river delta where Sweden’s longest river, Klarälven, runs into Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. It is the second largest lake port in Sweden and is one of the sunniest towns in Sweden. Karlstads roots date back to 1000AD but after many fires and battles the city was last rebuilt in the mid 1800’s on the banks of the River Klar. River levels change during the summer period depending on the current climate. A summer with low rainfall leads to lower levels in the river which exposes the sewer pump stations emergency overflows on the riverbank opposite Gubbholmen. Gubbholmen and the surrounding area is a recreation area known for its beauty and bird-watching. With exposed sewer overflow pipes the odour in the area was unbearable. Local residents frequently covered the pipes with plastic to prevent the odour escaping. Whilst this was an effective solution to stop the odour, it wasn’t a long-term solution, and would cause damage to the pump station should the overflow be activated while the plastic was in place.  

Tim Karlsson, Production Manager at Karlstad City searched for a better solution. When he found WaStop he instantly saw the perfect solution. 


To instantly solve the problem two WaStop DN800 were installed in the emergency outfalls from the pump station. Tim Karlsson had two options, find a good product, or relay the outfall so it was under the low-water mark. ’We chose WaStop as it was the best and simplest solution. We weren’t keen on digging so we searched for another solution. When we found WaStop we were excited, we didn’t have to dig, and installation was very quick’ said Tim Karlsson. Local residents no longer have to contend with the odor, and no longer need to take matters into their own hands. An improved environment for everyone who frequents the beautiful area. 


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