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WaStops prevent odour in České Budějovice

The City of České Budějovice| České Budějovice, Czech Republic| Pests & Odors

The problem

The city of České Budějovice have a couple of combined emergency overflow outfalls discharging water to nearby rivers and streams in the city. At one of these emergency overflows sites, residents in the surrounding area filed complaints to the city regarding a strong and unpleasant odour escaping from three DN1200 outfalls which were connected to an emergency overflow chamber located upstream the outfalls. 

The three DN1200 outfalls were located on the bank of the river and were prone to flooding upon high water levels in the river. Potential flooding of the pipes could have had devastating effects on the surrounding properties in the area with costly damages due to flooded basements as a result.



WaStop® Inline Check valve

To help the City of České Budějovice solve this problem, Wapro’s business partner in the Czech Republic, ATER s.r.o. reached out to us to discuss various solutions to solve the odour issues and at the same time offer a solution that would protect the local residents against flooding in the future. Upon conducting an inspection of the three outfalls, it became clear the internal diameter of the specific pipes varied and that a standard WaStop Inline Check Valve would not be suitable for this specific application. 

Based on the survey details received from ATER s.r.o. Wapro’s engineers designed a bespoke solution for the client consisting of three WaStop Inline Check Valves DN1050 with eccentric flanges for in-pipe mounting. 

The unique memory membrane of the WaStop Inline Check Valve ensures a pulsating effect every time water is being discharged. The pulsating effect ensures that the pipes both upstream and the area downstream of the valves are kept clear of debris and silt which reduces the risk of solids getting trapped in the valve. 

Another benefit of the WaStop Inline Check Valve that was highly appreciated by the client is that the valves offers in-pipe protection, therefore minimal risk for malicious acts and exposure to potential damage by flotsam in the river. 

”This was our best and easiest installation to date which took only 5 hours to complete. The end user mentioned to us that this was their first time, but certainly not the last using the WaStop Inline Check Valve.”

David Hanzlík, ATER s.r.o.

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