City of Hamilton, CA on cost savings

"This week we completed an inspection of the sewer outfall; 32 days after the installation of the WA Stop. Hamilton Water staff and our contract found the sewer to be in very good shape and there was no build-up of rocks which was a normal occurrence in every inspection prior to the one completed this week. Average per month inspection and maintenance costs - $ 1800 to $ 2000. Estimated annual inspection & maintenance costs prior to WaStop - $21,600 to 24,000. Cost of the WaStop - $18,521. Based on this weeks’ completed inspection we have no intention of going back to the outfall at Lakegate Dr & Grays Rd for a few more months. I expect that we may have to do 1 to 2 cleanings per year, due to the perforation of the sewer pipe, however we will re-evaluate the need for inspection and cleaning as we obtain more data."
WaStop protecting City of Hamilton Residents
Dave Alberton
Manager, Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Hamilton Water
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