WaBack Non-Return Chamber

WaBack non-return chamber is designed to provide instant and automatic protection against backflow. WaBack will work on differential pressure to ensure that in times of need the valve simply protects. No electricity or human interaction required, and without constant maintenance WaBack protects against flooding caused by surcharged sewers.

  • 100% sealed against backflow
  • Autonomous action with no moving or electrical parts
  • Minimal maintenance for real life scenarios

Protection and peace of mind

WaBack non-return chamber ensure your basement remains dry during storm or other events which causes backflow. Basement flooding causes extensive damage and is costly to restore.
The solution is as simple as it is effective.
WaBack works by having the flow area completely open during normal operation, effectively removing the risk of blockages and minimizes maintenance. When backflow occurs, the flotation pipe is kept above water level and rising water is prevented from flowing back into the pipe system.

Advantages of WaBack non-return chamber

  • Completely automatic
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Constructed from corrosion free materials with a long service life
  • No flow restriction – the pipe is 100% open during period of normal flow
  • Full sewage ventilation
  • Easy visual inspection
  • Unaffected by paper, silt or sludge
  • Tested in operation since 1989
  • Operates even as an inspection manhole
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Technical Information

We at Wapro love protecting people and property from flooding and in line with our customer promise of common sense and simplicity, we have developed Waback to ensure our products fit real life applications.

WaBack is manufactured using anti-corrosive materials such as PE, EPDM and stainless steel.  Operational interruptions are minimized due to the simplicity of the unit. 

Three versions of WaBack are available:

Standard: Complete chamber with backwater stop and sealing ring for the corrugated PP shaft. Designed to fit Wavin Tegra 600mm corrugated PP shaft. Available in DN110, DN160, DN200 and DN315

Access: Complete chamber with backwater stop and sealing ring for the corrugated PP shaft. WaBack module is removable from ground level. Designed to fit Wavin Tegra 425mm corrugated PP shaft. Available in DN110, DN160.

Residential: Complete sealed unit for installation in basement. Available in DN110. See WaBack Residential for more information on this product.

Technical information relating to WaStop can be found on these pages.

  • Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Installation Instructions
  • Certifications
Dimensions & Drawings


Article number DN [inch] Riser Drawing file name (imperial) Drawing file name (metric) Technical specification

WaBack acts as both an inspection manhole and a non-return valve.  The mechanism in WaBack is completely open for flow during normal operating conditions which means there is no risk for blockages.

Standard installations are:

  • Protection against basement flooding
  • At a storm water outlet
  • On a overflow outlet
WaBack Installation 1
WaBack Installation 2
WaBack Installation 3
WaBack Installation 4
WaBack Installation 6
WaBack Installation 7

We at Wapro believe in enabling. By being an open organization we learn from, and share with, our customers. Below you’ll find that there is a wealth of information in relation to, not only our products, but also other useful and interesting information to help you in your roll. If you require any further information please call us straight away. We’re here to help you stop flooding.

Technical Documentation

Technical drawings can be downloaded from the Dimensions and Technical Drawings tab. For your ease, you'll find other related information available for download below.

Certifications and Approvals

The WaBack non-return valve has been thoroughly tested by both laboratories and councils in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All tests show that WaBack is effective in stopping flooding caused by backflow and that it requires minimal maintenance.WaBack is certified for use in storm water and sewage systems.  WaBack is CE approved according to regulations for building products.  WaBack is for use as a non-return valve of Type 1 for back flow in sewage and drainage systems.  SS-EN-13564-1:2002.

Product Information

When we designed the WaBack Backwater Valve we designed it to provide instant, automatic protection against backflow. Our engineers designed WaBack to work on differential pressure to ensure that in times of need the valve simply protects. No electricity or human interaction required, and without constant maintenance WaBack protects against flooding caused by surcharged sewers.

With long life-cycle cost as part of our DNA we’ve ensured that WaBack is designed and constructed using materials designed to withstand the rigors of sewer applications. Each part of the WaBack is designed to tolerate chemicals usually found in sewer applications with ease. WaBack is commonly used for sewer backflow preventer, sewer overflows, and stormwater backflow protection.

When Mats Persson designed the original WaBack his thoughts were with the families who he’d met who’d suffered from surcharged sewers flooding their homes. By keeping properties dry Mats intended to provide peace of mind for families. So, in the late 1980’s, after a long period of development, Mats launched WaBack onto the market in Sweden. Since then, the WaBack has been installed in many countries protecting thousands of homes and families.

Our WaBack is designed to be used in heavily polluted water and can therefore be used in both sewer and stormwater applications. When designing WaBack we chose to have a completely open flow area to ensure blockages won’t occur. Experience has led to further development of the WaBack. Our engineers have fine-tuned the mechanism to ensure decades of low maintenance protection and there is an optional alarm to inform the home owners that WaBack is protecting them from flooding. WaBack is an all-in-one installation with a manhole for inspection purposes and an inbuilt automatic check valve. All designed for keeping properties safe and dry.

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