WaStop Cost of Ownership

The Problem 

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an analysis that places a single value on the complete lifecycle of a capital purchase. This value includes every phase of ownership: acquisition, installation, operation as well as documentation and training for that asset. When looking at different solutions to backflow problems there are several options available. Careful analysis of the total cost of ownership is needed to understand the full implications of the purchasing decision over time.

The Solution  

WaStop has a low cost of ownership. This is built on a number of factors including the long life expectancy of the valve, the quick installation time, and the low level of maintenance required.

Total Cost of Ownership - why is it important

Total cost of ownership is the real cost of any purchase whether it be a pump station, a valve or a grinder. When considering TCO for valves there are a few important factors to calculate:

  • Purchase price
  • Installation cost
  • Maintenance
  • Life expectancy
  • Operational effectivity
  • Replacement cost
  • End of life cost

The purchase price is often the number most focused on, but should in fact be considered as just a part of the whole.

WaStop's installation cost is low as you can read about under the section 'Installation'. Due to the materials WaStop is constructed from, and the pulsating flow mechanism, the maintenance costs are also low. Many areas where WaStop have been installed have previously required fortnightly or monthly maintenance but post installation the valves have only needed to be monitored twice a year.  WaStop, with its pulsating flow, will keep the upstream and downstream pipes cleaner, reducing the costs not only for the valve itself, but for the system surrounding it.

The life expectancy of WaStop is 20-25 years depending upon the application. During the lifetime of the valve it will perform as specified maintaining its shape, memory and ability to seal closed completely* against backflow. Given WaStops superior sealing properties costs are reduced by preventing backflow completely. When the valve has reached its life expectancy it can easily be replaced and recycled. Our products are partially made of recycled materials, and can be recycled reducing the end of life cost of the product.

WaStop has the lowest total cost of ownership on the market compared to similar valves.

*Please refer to this document for details about the sealing quality of WaStop

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User experience 
User experience

Many WaStop users have been impressed by the cost savings that the use of WaStop has given them. Read a few of the comments below and contact Wapro to be put in touch with WaStop customers to hear their stories.

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WaStop® Inline Check Valve

WaStop® Inline Check Valve

Product information

We at Wapro know that any solution for flood prevention, or odor control needs to function. Simply, effectively. That’s why, when we invented the WaStop inline check valve backflow preventer in 2000 we had one thought in mind. Instant automatic protection. Working on differential pressure the WaStop functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity, without constant maintenance – it just works.

WaStop is available to fit most types of pipes from NPS 3" to NPS 80" and is also available in an Access chamber for easy access from ground level.

WaStop inline check valve excels in many areas. WaStop exhibits the lowest headloss on the market, 100% backflow prevention and a unique pulsating flow that keeps pipes both upstream and downstream cleaner which reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Click below to read more about Headloss, Backflow, Pulsating Flow and Installation.

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Technical Information

We at Wapro know that there is a wide range of pipes available on the market, and that these pipes aren’t always perfect. We designed this seal to not only create the perfect fit, but also to ensure quick easy installation. Time is money.

For the residential market we have designed a range of valves for protecting memories. Please refer to the WaStop Residential pages for more information.

WaStop is also available in an Access Chamber. The Access chamber has a pre-installed WaStop valve. The WaStop module is removable from ground level for easy maintenance. Available in NPS 4", NPS 5" and NPS 6". Please refer to drawings for more information.

The following technical information relating to WaStop inline check valves can be found on the tabs below.

  • Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Installation Instructions
  • Certifications
Wapro-Wastop-backflow-flood-protection-dimensions View Technical Information

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