WaStop Installation

The Problem 

Installation time is important when considering a check valve. Often they are installed in tidal areas, or areas with limited access. Within one turn of the tide you want to have the valve installed and the job completed. If the job runs over time it can be difficult getting access due to weather conditions or tidal conditions and expensive to return to site. A relatively light-weight valve with a structurally solid housing makes installation easier and faster. 

The Solution  

WaStop Inline Check Valves are fast and easy to install. In just 30 minutes a large valve can be installed and the job completed. Time and money are saved through a simple and quick installation requiring few tools and minimal labour.


Time spent on installation adds to cost. WaStop can be installed quickly and easily with minimal equipment required. Valves can be lower in purchase price, but more difficult to install leading to the necessity to use an outside contractor which increases the total cost of the valve. WaStop can be installed by in-house maintenance crews in most circumstances.

A standard installation takes roughly 30-60 minutes depending on size. Most municipalities/councils are able to install the WaStop valves themselves without the need for a contractor. This also reduces costs and allows more flexibility in installation. In smaller communities where maintenance or other such work is out-sourced, contractors are used for installation. Often the same contractor is used for several installations. Once they have installed the first valve it is easier to estimate time and material required for future work, thereby reducing costs.

A comparison done by the City of Saint Augustine, Florida showed that installation costs were 64-72% lower using in-house installation crews to install WaStop DN750mm (30") and WaStop DN600mm (24").  

When comparing the cost of different solutions, including installation cost to the total cost of ownership is important. Initial purchase price is just part of the cost, adding to this installation costs and maintenance shows a truer picture of the life-cycle cost of the inline check valve.

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10:05   Started installation of first valve

10:05   Cleaning the pipe with a wire brush

10:08   Push WaStop into the pipe

10:10   Adjust mounting tabs with screw driver to position correctly

10:12  Drill holes for the expander bolts

10:25  Hammer in expander bolts

10:30  Grind off excess length from expander bolts

10:35  WaStop No. 1 installed

The above process was repeated for WaStop No. 2. Installation time for the second valve was also 30 minutes.

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Installation of WaStop vs Competitors

Contractors and maintenance crews know about installation of all types of valves. We at Wapro have consulted with installation crews worldwide regarding the installation of WaStop valves compared to other type of backflow preventers. The feedback has been that the WaStop is generally easier to install, is easy to handle given its rigid body, and fits into any type of pipe. Installation of duckbills can be difficult due to the weight of the product. A heavier product means more difficulty getting the product into the location of installation, and also that it is essential that the headwall or pipe is able to bear the weight of the valve. In some instances a headwall may need to be reinforced or rebuilt, or a completely new headwall build to support a duckbill being installed on the end of a pipe. Flap valves most often require a headwall. This needs to be flat and clean in order for the flap valve to seal. There also needs to be space in front of the headwall for the flap valve to open, and this clearance needs to be maintained.

WaStop is about 50% lighter than the closest competing valve, therefore easier to handle.  WaStop does not require a flat, even headwall for installation, and does not require space in front of the valve to open as a flap valve does. Given that a WaStop is inside the existing pipe no extra work is required in most cases. 

Estimates from contractors confirm that WaStop is installed in about 30 minutes for a DN750 (NPS 30").

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User experience 

WaStop is often retro-fitted in locations where other valves have been removed. Many installation crews have installed other backflow valves and are able to compare the different methods of installation. When asked, most agree that WaStop is simple and easy to install and is the choice of the installer in difficult to access locations such as outfalls and underwater applications.

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WaStop® Inline Check Valve

WaStop® Inline Check Valve

Product information

We at Wapro know that any solution for flood prevention, or odor control needs to function. Simply, effectively. That’s why, when we invented the WaStop inline check valve backflow preventer in 2000 we had one thought in mind. Instant automatic protection. Working on differential pressure the WaStop functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity, without constant maintenance – it just works.

WaStop is available to fit most types of pipes from NPS 3" to NPS 80" and is also available in an Access chamber for easy access from ground level.

WaStop inline check valve excels in many areas. WaStop exhibits the lowest headloss on the market, 100% backflow prevention and a unique pulsating flow that keeps pipes both upstream and downstream cleaner which reduces maintenance costs substantially.

Click below to read more about Headloss, Backflow, Pulsating Flow and Installation.

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Technical Information

We at Wapro know that there is a wide range of pipes available on the market, and that these pipes aren’t always perfect. We designed this seal to not only create the perfect fit, but also to ensure quick easy installation. Time is money.

For the residential market we have designed a range of valves for protecting memories. Please refer to the WaStop Residential pages for more information.

WaStop is also available in an Access Chamber. The Access chamber has a pre-installed WaStop valve. The WaStop module is removable from ground level for easy maintenance. Available in NPS 4", NPS 5" and NPS 6". Please refer to drawings for more information.

The following technical information relating to WaStop inline check valves can be found on the tabs below.

  • Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Installation Instructions
  • Certifications
Wapro-Wastop-backflow-flood-protection-dimensions View Technical Information

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