Odor control

Odors emitting from wastewater and sewers can be unpleasant for those in the area. 

An inline check valve can be used for sewer and wastewater odor control

A sewer pumping station often has an overflow pipe which is used when the sewer system is overloaded to discharge into a river, lake or other water course. Sewer dumping stations also run the risk of emitting odors if the inlet pipes do not contain some type of odor prevention device. Using a non-return check valve that is odor tight prevents odors as well as stopping potential backflow.

Buildings can also use sewer odor control systems

Buildings are also susceptible to odor problems from sewer systems. Air flow in the sewer can affect where the odors go. Pumps and other devices can affect the airflow causing unpleasant odors in homes and buildings. An effective method of stopping the odor is using a non-return odor tight check valve such as WaStop.

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