Basement Flooding solved with WaBack – Fyn, Denmark

Private Customer
Fyn, Denmark
Area of use 
Flood protection

Steen Jensen had suffered from flooding in his basement on numerous occasions in his home on the Danish island of Fyn.  Steen needed a solution to this problem as it was causing not only damage but also a feeling of unrest.  A few of Steens neighbors had installed simple flap valves however Steen felt that a more secure solution was the answer.  


Steen chose WaBack to be 100% sure that his basement would not be filled with sewer during the coming heavy rainfall events, and to ensure he had peace of mind when leaving his home during holidays.  After Steen installed WaBack there have been numerous occasions when the WaBack has protected his home, whilst several neighbors have suffered due to malfunctioning solutions.

In Steens words “Now I can go on holiday without having to worry about returning to a basement filled with water!”


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