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WaBack Access saves a residence in Enskede from basement flooding

Enskede, Sweden| Flood protection

The problem

During the beginning of summer 2021, several heavy rainfalls caused flooding in various areas around Stockholm, including Enskedefältet, located behind the Globe arena. Due to the old and overloaded sewer system in the area since it was built in the 1930s, it has been hit by floods several times before, and it happened again this time. In some houses, 40 cm of water came up from the floor drains in less than half an hour.


WaBack® Access

To avoid going through the same renovation chaos again, Klas Skarin and his family decided to install a backwater valve. Among the various solutions available in the area, Klas felt that the Swedish service-friendly and powerful backwater valve, WaBack Access, was the only sensible solution. WaBack Access DN110 is also the most dominant solution in the area.

During installation, the sewage service line to the street, consisting of cast iron pipes from when the house was built in 1931, was also replaced.

"The installation went quickly, and the hole was slowly filled in with a rake and shovel over 10 hours. Now, we have to cut the riser pipe and extension rod to the correct length after the lawn has settled. Some neighbors actually choose to stay home when heavy rainfalls are expected, but for our part, we have no problems leaving the house regardless of rainy weather. The backwater valve has become a secure measure."

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