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WaStop Floor drain protects properties from flooding in Uppsala

Uppsala, Sverige| Flood protection

The problem

Uppsala is one of Sweden's oldest cities, located approximately 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, with a rich history spanning several centuries.

As some 70-year-old buildings required foundation insulation, "JR Markteknik" was commissioned by "Uppsala Hem" to carry out the task. There was also a need to manage stormwater and meltwater to prevent it from seeping into the building.

Heavy rainfall creates excessive pressure in stormwater and sewage pipes, resulting in a backflow. This causes water to flow back into the pipes and potentially infiltrate the basement, leading to damages. To prevent property damage, basement flooding, and harm to furniture and electronic equipment, an efficient solution was needed.


WaStop® Floor drain

To prevent water from backing up into the basement stairwell, a floor drain with Inline check valve WaStop was installed. The backflow preventer acts as a protection, preventing water from the public sewer system from flowing back and entering the basement.

Now, residents in this residential area no longer need to worry about basement flooding or damage to their belongings during the next rainfall or melting period.

The WaStop backflow preventer is a market-leading solution for protecting properties against water and flood damage.

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