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WaStop Floor drain protects properties from flooding in Uppsala

Uppsala, Sverige| Flood protection

The problem

Located just 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, Uppsala, one of Sweden's most historic cities, faced a unique challenge. The city, known for its centuries-old heritage, needed to upgrade the foundation insulation of buildings that were nearly 70 years old. This task was crucial for 'Uppsala Hem', a prominent local property management company, and they entrusted 'JR Markteknik' with this significant responsibility.


In Uppsala, managing stormwater and meltwater is essential, especially to protect older buildings from water damage. The city often experiences heavy rainfall, which puts immense pressure on its stormwater and sewage systems. This pressure can lead to a problematic backflow, where water reverses its course and flows back into the pipes. 


Such backflows are more than just a nuisance; they pose a real threat to basements, potentially causing extensive property damage, ruining furniture, and damaging electronic equipment.


Understanding the gravity of the situation, 'JR Markteknik' sought an effective solution to safeguard these properties from the risks of basement flooding and water damage. 


The solution needed to be efficient, reliable, and tailored to Uppsala's unique environmental conditions and its historical buildings' structural needs.


WaStop® Floor drain

To effectively combat the issue of water backing up into basement stairwells, a cutting-edge solution was implemented: the installation of a floor drain equipped with an Inline Check Valve, known as WaStop. This innovative backflow preventer serves as a critical line of defense, ensuring that water from the public sewer system is prevented from reversing its flow and entering basements.

This installation has brought a significant sense of relief to residents in the area, who are now safeguarded against the concerns of basement flooding and the subsequent damage to their belongings, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt.

The WaStop Floor drain stands out as a leading market solution in backflow prevention. Its effectiveness in preventing flooding and protecting properties from water and flood damage is unparalleled. By integrating this advanced backflow prevention technology, the community has taken a significant step towards ensuring long-term property safety and peace of mind for its residents.

The WaStop Floor Drain is an innovative and efficient solution designed to safeguard homes and buildings from the risks of flooding and water damage. This product stands out for its integration of an inline check valve, a smart and effective mechanism that plays a crucial role in flood protection.

The inline check valve within the WaStop Floor Drain is ingeniously designed to prevent backflow. This means it effectively stops water from public sewer systems or other external sources from flowing back into the property. This is particularly vital during heavy rainfalls or snow melts, where the risk of flooding and water damage is significantly higher.

What makes the WaStop Floor Drain a smart solution is its simplicity and effectiveness. The inline check valve operates automatically, requiring no manual intervention. It opens to allow water to drain out and then seals shut when backflow is detected, thus preventing any unwanted water entry. This not only ensures the safety and dryness of the property but also provides peace of mind to property owners, knowing that their premises are protected against flooding risks with a reliable and low-maintenance solution.

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