FAQ - WaBack® Non-Return Chamber

Is WaBack a complete solution?

Yes, WaBack is delivered complete in a chamber and includes the neccessary seal. Required items such as a riser and manhole cover are purchase seperately depending upon the requirements of the customer.

What type of riser can be used with WaBack?

All models of WaBack Standard are designed to fit PP DN600 risers.

How often is maintenance required?

Given that WaBack is a 'normally open' valve, maintenenace is minimal. After a backflow event we recommend rinsing the chamber with a normal garden hose. Download the Installatin and Maintenance manual here.

Can WaBack be closed manually?

Yes, WaBack has an eyelet on the top of the floation unit. The floation unit can be lifted using this and attached to have it closed temporarily. If a permenant solution is required an optional kit can be purchased from Wapro. Contact our customer support for more information.

What is the delivery times for a WaBack?

Most WaBack are available off-the-shelf in Europe. In USA there is a 2-6 week delivery period depending on size.

Is WaBack reliable?

Yes, WaBack has been installed since mid-1980's and the original WaBack's are still functioning today. There are no moving parts and nothing to replace so WaBack will protect your property day in and day out for well over 20 years.

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