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Wapro Ltd

Distributor Europe

Wapro Ltd
Sweden House
5 Upper Montagu Street
London W1H 2AG, UK


WaBack® Access

WaBack Access has all the benefits of the WaBack Non-return valve. The difference is that WaBack Access comes in a chamber where the WaBack Non-return valve is detachable from the ground.

WaBack® Residential

WaBack Residential is specially adapted for private properties and is installed in homes located in low-lying areas. The product prevents backflow from wastewater and stormwater.

WaStop® RSD DN110

WaStop RSD protects your home from backflows and floods. WaStop is ingenious in its simplicity and also protects against odors and keeps pests away.

WaBack® Non-return chamber

WaBack Non-return chamber protects against backflows, overload and flooding in drains and as protection against backflow of stormwater and wastewater. It is advantageously used in heavily polluted water.